Jessica Alvarez

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What is the Las Vegas Nightclub Dress Code For Women?

Just being female makes you a desirable guest at most of the various Vegas nightclubs. But to ensure you get in or don’t have to wait too long in line, try not to get caught up trying to figure out what the Las Vegas nightclub dress code for women is. We have you covered and […]

Las Vegas Nightclub Planning Guide

During the week in Las Vegas may seem like it would be slow at the clubs. Well think again. Sunday – Thursday at Vegas nightclubs is better known as industry night. Industry night Las Vegas is when all the hosts and waitresses from the clubs go out to support the other venues. The perks of being […]


Jessica Alvarez – This Cuban and Puerto Rican beauty, originally from New York City, moved to Las Vegas two years ago with merely a suitcase and a plan for success. In the time sense, Jessica Alvarez tells us that she has been blessed by meeting a number of great people, finding a boyfriend she enjoys spending […]

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